James Blunt – All The Lost Souls – CD+DVD


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CD-1 1973
CD-2 One Of The Brightest Stars
CD-3 I’ll Take Everything
CD-4 Same Mistake
CD-5 Carry You Home
CD-6 Give Me Some Love
CD-7 I Really Want You (Radio Edit)
CD-8 Shine On
CD-9 Annie
CD-10 I Can’t Hear The Music
Bonus Tracks
CD-11 Love Love Love
CD-12 Cuz I Love You (Live From Glastonbury 2008)
CD-13 Young Folks (Live From Jo Whiley Live Lounge)
CD-14 Breakfast In America (Live)
CD.15 Primavera In Anticipo (It Is My Song)

DVD-1 Same Mistake (Live From Abbey Road)
DVD-2 I’ll Take Everything (Live From Abbey Road)
DVD-3 1973 (Live From Abbey Road)
DVD-4 You’re Beautiful (Live In Paris)
DVD-5 Goodbye My Lover (Live In Paris)
DVD-6 Carry You Home (Live At The Max Sessions, Sydney Opera House)
DVD-7 Wisemen (Live In Ibiza)
DVD-8 One Of The Brightest Stars (Live In Ibiza)
DVD-9 1973
DVD-10 Same Mistake
DVD-11 Carry You Home
DVD-12 I Really Want You
DVD-13 Je Realise
DVD-14 Return To Kosovo: A Documentary
DVD.15 James Blunt (An Exclusive Profile By T5M.com)
DVD-15 Making Of 1973
DVD-16 Making Of Same Mistake
DVD-17 Making Of Carry You Home
DVD-18 Making Of I Really Want You

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